The Strength of Unity

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Mr Emuakpeje, my literature teacher in early secondary school, was very demonstrative. During one of his classes, he handed a student a bunch of brooms. He was instructed to pull out a broomstick at a time and break it. The student did it with ease.

He was then instructed to break the entire bunch at once. He couldn’t. Then the teacher’s radiant voice boomed – “My students, that is to show you that united we stand, divided we fall.”

Dear reader, are you a team member? Then you must be willing to subsume your personal ego for the success of the team. After all, although the teeth bite the tongue once in a while, the tongue still licks them clean.

Part of being a good team player is to act blind and ignore other’s shortcomings, submerge and overcome differences in the quest for common goals.

Take a cue from your eyes. They don’t and will never see each other, yet they see other things together, blink together and cry together – in perfect unison. Those two amazing balls not only act as windows to your soul but as light to your body.

So, at home or at work, be willing to sacrifice your ego for team success. That’s the virtue of the selfless and the goal of the noble.

Good Morning!



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