Does Time Really Exist?

“Time is an illusion.” – Albert Einstein

As children, my parents told us that very many years ago it took 30 days to trek from my village to Lagos. Then later, with the bicycle, it took 6 days, with the automobile 6 hours and today by air 30 minutes. Yet the distance remains the same.

Wouldn’t it be correct to postulate, therefore, that very soon man will find a way to travel instantly?

Think about it. Is time not merely man’s creation to measure events? The clock measures the cycle of events. We simply use this cycle of movement (the ticking of the clock) to time other activities (like travelling, dancing, eating). But these are not times, they are events.

Does that not prove that time is simply the distance between two places or two occurrences? If there‚Äč was no clock and the sun were to stand still forever, would you be able to measure in hours, days, weeks, years?

We think time exists just because we perceive points of reference and a distance travelled between those points. Time as we measure and know it is merely a tool of the mind. It is the clock that creates the illusion of its existence.

Wouldn’t it be safe therefore to conclude that the past and the future exist only in the present – the one as memory and the other as expectation?

That teaches one great lesson –

To Live In The Present!
Did you know? – Everything we see is in the past because light takes time to reach us. The sun you can see out of the window is 8 minutes and 20 seconds old. The light from our nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4 years old.



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