The Dying Business Of Smiling

“Smiling is good for the heart, laughing is good for the soul, and loving will keep you living, laughing and smiling.” – Paul Chucks

Mr RF was a brilliant-minded, razor-focused, hardworking, prim and proper Manager. As his subordinates, we learnt a lot in our two-year stint with him. But there was a huge problem – we were all scared of Mr RF. Reason: no matter how funny a situation was, no smile ever graced his face. Interestingly, the name RF (short for Ruler Face), was coined by his subordinates, because his face was set in strict, straight unbending lines.

Have you observed, generally, that fewer and fewer people are smiling and more and more people are frowning? As you move around today, scan the faces you see – they are harder and wrinkling, the lips are tighter, and the eyes no longer glow. Jeez! What’s happening to our world?

When regularly given and received, a smile lights up the face of the giver and soothes the nerves of the receiver. That being so, why don’t you always unleash the smile in you! – it may just be the sunlight that reverses the fortunes in a darkened soul.

My dear reader, even though your world is beaten and bartered, and sombre dark clouds hang thick overhead, may you always find a reason to smile, for that is the sacred gift of life.

And, as you prepare yourself for the day, remember that you’re not fully dressed until you wear yourself a smile.

Smile, My Friend, It’s A Great Day Again!
Did you know? – Smiling is like medicine. A genuine smile boosts your immune system by decreasing cortisol in your body.


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