You’re Your Responsibility

“If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” – Les Brown

In a mentoring class, I asked to tell me their three critical goals for the next ten years and how they’ll achieve them.

A mentee answered, “…by the grace of God… own a school, write books and be married to someone who won’t kill my dreams… I’ve left everything in God’s hands…”

Are you one of those who await the grace of God to do even the most basic chores? Look, His grace is abundant, free as the air. You have to tap into it and luxuriate in it. Everyone has it in an equal dose.

Have you also left your future in His hands, like my mentee? It’s your responsibility to plan and work out your dream, for everything is already in His hands. Set your goal, seize it, own it, sweat it out daily – with your own hands. That’s the wise way to leave things in God’s hands.

Listen, my friend. Read your own mind, dictate your own pace, live your own life. The more you know yourself, the less you need the approval of others to succeed.

So, beware of the thief in your mind as well as the thief out there who’ll tell you why you can’t achieve your dream. No one can kill your dreams unless you allow them.

See You At The Top!
Did you know? – Responsible people don’t make excuses.


  1. This is so on point. We fail to realise that everything we need to succeed has been given to us. We only need to key into it and make a move. When we are determined and set to achieve something, somehow the universe conspires to bring it to fruition. We only need to be focused and determined.

  2. Yes, God has given man the wisdom, power and ability to investigate His creation in order to improve his ( ie man’s ) living here on planet earth.
    We’re not to fold our hands and expect manna from heaven!!


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