“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” – Olin Miller

Do you often avoid essential tasks for the unimportant?

You need to know that whatever does not further your long-term goals is unimportant.

Therefore, never wait for vital tasks to become urgent before you attend to them – it’s one quick way to kill yourself with stress.

When next you’re tempted to put off doing something, remember that procrastination is the lazy man’s apology.

Have A Fruitful Day!
Did you know? – Research has shown that procrastinators often have a weakened immune system, meaning that they are prone to develop gastrointestinal problems and suffer from cold as well as flu more frequently.


  1. I knew d meaning of d word ” PROCRASTINATION ” in 1993 . I was 19yrs then, My daddy of blessed memory told my elder sister to do something dat day and at as d night of dat day my elder Sister hadn’t done what she was instructed to do. Dat night i told my father i was going to bed , he asked if my Sister had done what he asked her to do , i said NO sir. He then said i shd go and wake her up immediately, dat ” it’s not good to procastinate ” i asked what d meaning of word was and he told me to open d dictionary immediately, i saw d meaning in d dictionary dat night and till date do whatever needs to be done immediately !!!! I DON’T DELAY MY ACTIONS EVER !!!! Dat meaning keeps ringing in my brain anytime i need to do something and another thing wants to hinder me. Dat night was my father’s LAST NIGHT IN D HOUSE. HE DEVELOPED CARDIAC ARREST DURING D NIGHT DAT LANDED HIM.IN D HOSPITAL IN D MORNING, HE DIED IN D HOSPITAL WEEKS AFTER. HE WARNED ME & MY ELDER SIS AGAINST PROCRASTINATION ON HIS LAST NIGHT IN D HOUSE

    • WOW!!! What a lesson! This definitely will remain indelible in your memory. So sorry about your Dad. The good thing is that he left you with a precious lesson which will definitely see you through life. Thank you for sharing this invaluable information.

  2. Well said Sir. I quote from an Old book titled Unto thee I Grant to further buttress your point ‘whatsoever thou resolveth to do do it quickly. Defer not till evening what the morning may accomplish’

    • Yeah, Unto Thee I Grant The Economy of Life. Wonderful book it is. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a deeper insight into Life and its workings. Thanks for sharing, Bro.

  3. Procrastination – my middle name! All my life. When think about it, l realize l could have been much further than where l am, especially education wise! I’ve never cared much for the financials, but l do regret now and then about the precious time l wasted by putting off things… Yet, I’m not too unhappy with who l am at this stage in my life. So l suppose “unto each his own”. As an educator l càn advise others not to procrastinate, but it is all up to each person. Besides l don’t like to be prescriptive to others about what l don’t adhere to. Amen!

    • Interesting. This is a common experience and a clear indication to younger ones to take heed not to fall into the same situation. Thanks for sharing, sir.

  4. Procrastination is a dangerous trait, as it often differentiates success and failure. “Defer not till evening what the morning can accomplish”


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