My Prayer for You

“There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him.” – William Law

“Dear reader, may your way be rough and tough, may you be treated unfairly, suffer betrayal, experience loneliness. And may you suffer pain too. These things I pray you to have, from time to time, Amen.”

I know many who’ll reject this magnificent prayer and even speak against it in some strange gobbledygook tongues!

If you think I do not wish you well, just say “Same to you, Sunny”, and I’m cool with that.

I prayed these things for you so you can succeed, know the value of justice, understand the importance of loyalty, appreciate friendship, and be compassionate.

Be not deceived. Whether I pray these things or not they’ll happen to you. I’m only opening your consciousness to the message in your misfortunes so you can reap the most benefits from your experiences.

Do you know woman suffers excruciating pains in labour, even at risk of her own life, to bring forth another beautiful life? That, my friend, is the process of natural manifestation.

Good Morning. I Love You!
Did you know? – An Indian woman gave birth to her baby while using the toilet on a train that emptied directly onto the tracks. She passed out after giving birth, and after she reported what happened, rail workers found the baby alive and unharmed.


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