Episode 6

Somina sat lost in thoughts as to how to make arrangement to visit the jungle and settle the land grabbers.
She thought hard and long as she could not embark on such a journey with a 3months old baby. She thought about asking her husband to stay at home with the baby on a Saturday while she runs the errand. Toks has always been an understanding lover but she on the other hand often thought longs and hard before throwing requests at his feet.

She still remembered how they met, she soon drifted off in thoughts


Somina had just rounded up her national youth service corp and was determined to remain in the city of Calabar where it seemed she would find favour. A few days to the end of service, she received in her email an invitation to sit for a recruitment test with one of the leading banks. Excited at the offer, she picked a few cloths and headed for Lagos. The test turned out to be a flop and she was ready to return to the city of Calabar but Madam Jo would have nothing of it. She had worried that if Somina went to Calabar a strange land where she knew no one, it would be difficult for her to get a husband to marry. According to her, she at least had some good friends in Lagos that could eventually work into marriage if nurtured. Somina often shrugged off her mother’s husband search worries.

She got a job invite to take a test from one of the young men whom her father had assisted in the past while he was in active service. She didn’t think much of the test but obliged the invitation. It turned out to be a not so fantastic deal as the enumeration offered was very low but for some strange reasons, Somina turned down a company that offered to pay her you me of that amount and joined this low paying one.

It was on the job she met Stacy who turned out to be more like a sister to her than she thought. The way she immediately bonded on a deep level with Stacy was very strong. They shared the same thoughts on a lot of life issues and because Stacy was also a Sophisticated lady, it was easy to connect with her
on all levels.

Taking pictures every morning when they got to the office soon became a daily routine.

Unknown to Somina, Stacy had been posting the daily pictures on her Facebook wall. One day she came to work and said casually someone said he likes you o.

Somina: Is it your cousin?
Stacy: No o, he’s my friend.

Somina has always jokingly said she would marry Stacy’s cousin because she wanted to be a part of her family officially.
Stacy: Should I give him your number?
Somina:.… laughing…..
Well, you can tell him to call me if he will send me Sharwama, but if he thinks I’m one of those Sharwama babes then he’s totally wrong!

Stacy: Okay then, I’ll give him your number to call you.

Few Days a call comes through to Somina…..
Somina: Hello goodafternoon
Voice: Good afternoon, my name is Tokunbo
Somina: Oh that’s Adetokunbo right?
Voice: No mine is Olatokunbo most persons usually think its Adetokunbo.
Somina: Okay that’s good.
Voice: I got your number from Stacy
Somina: Oh you’re the Sharwama guy (she laughs into the phone) Anyways nice to finally speak with you.

He went on chatting and ended the call.

Somina shared the news with Stacy laughing.

Toks became a regular caller of Somina’s phone. They arranged to meet at the Mall for a date.

The day came and Somina clad up in her black Jean and a regular top waited for Toks to show up. Surprisingly he came much earlier than the scheduled time and off they went. It turned to be a nice time. That was how the journey began and even though Somina had her reservations about Toks as he didn’t tick off most of the “Ladies’ List” in terms of fantasies.

She knew on the inside that she had met her man. He exuded a kind of calmness that could not be explained. Days turned into Months and Months into Years as the Scales of defence began to fall off Somina’s eyes, she loosened her uptight grip and allowed herself a chance at love.

That was to be the beginning of a journey of no return.

She was jolted back to reality by the blaring of the horn. She looked and saw that Toks had just driven into the compound with a rather strange look on his face..

Her first thoughts were “what has happened this time”?……



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