So jungle bricklayer was calling and she wondered what it was he wanted this time

Madam Jo: Hello, good afternoon
Mason: Good afternoon madam
Madam Jo: I hope there’s no problem?
Mason: Madam have you called Mrs. Sidi?

(Mrs. Sidi is the one who sold the land to madam Jo. She had sold her a plot of land some five years ago and Madam Jo even erected a small structure to secure it. Mrs. Sidi suddenly called one day asking Madam Jo to pay a sum of 100,000 nairas as money for the foundation, claiming that the land had been left untouched for five years. Madam Jo was not having any of that and refused bluntly to pay the said amount.

Mrs. Sidi then came down from her high horse and persuaded Madam Jo to be given another plot of land at a location not so far from the first one. She even bragged that no land grabber would disturb madam whenever she wanted to erect any structure of choice. With reluctance and sensing also that Mrs. Sidi may have sold off the first land and not wanting to lose out, madam accepted the offer. That was how we got to this point.)


Madam Jo: No I have not spoken with her in a while.
Mason: You need to call her and also get back to me.
Madam Jo: What’s the issue?
Mason: Her fellow land grabbers are requesting for foundation money, just call her and get back to me, please.
Madam Jo: (By now is almost going into a rage but manages to calm herself down
(Talking to herself)
For Pete’s sake, what money are these guys talking about at this time? That woman (referring to Mrs. Sidi) asked me to leave the original plot of land she sold to me, and that I should go to another one, promising that no land grabbers would disturb me, and now this!

Realizing she’s on a call, she brings herself back to the present
Speaking into the phone.
She goes; I will call her and get back to you.
She then hangs up the call.

Instinctively she turns to her daughter, who by now is wondering what the drama brewing is about.

Madam Jo: Can you imagine what these people are telling me? They claim we need to pay some money to the land grabbers for the foundation. I’m very sure Mrs. Sidi is behind this! I heard from a source that she needs money and that her husband has financial issues that need to be sorted.

Somina looks at her and says, you can’t be so sure Mrs. Sidi is behind this, it may just be as the Mason said the boys at the jungle trying to make some quick cash for themselves.

Madam Jo goes on with the accusation, I’m sure this woman is the one instigating those boys.

Just then her phone rings again and she looks at it in annoyance.
She: Hello!!!
Mason: Madam have you called the woman? This boys have taken my equipment and have said I won’t work until they’re paid the foundation money.
She: I remember you said you were going to settle the boys which was why we agreed to the amount you billed me.
Mason: Madam, that one is not foundation money now
She: It seems you’re even the one instigating these boys to ask for foundation money.

On hearing this the mason was angry at the allegation and went quiet. Madam Jo hung up and continued fuming in anger.

Again she turned to her daughter for a word. Somina so what do you think we can do now?

Somina: Call Mrs Sidi and explain to her that you thought she assured you that no one will disturb your this new place and that why are the boys harassing your mason and now have seized his tools.

Without hesitation, she dials Mrs. Sidi’s number
Mrs. Sidi: Hello

Madam Jo: Good evening madam, your boys are disturbing Mason and he asked me to call you.
Madam is it the foundation money you want? Let me send you 50,000 because that is all I can afford. So please tell your boys to stop harassing the mason.

Somina opens her mouth in amazement! This wasn’t the script we rehearsed mum! She keeps quiet and resolved not to interfere.

Madam Jo called the mason and asked to speak with the boys, she assured them the money would be sent to them within the week.


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