Lesson from Nature – Diversity

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.” – Author Unknown

Flowers are beautiful, and everyone loves them for their colourfulness and fragrance.

Yet, amongst them, some require a lot of sunlight to survive while others don’t; some have just one colour while others have many; some have irresistible fragrance while some have none.

Yet, these differences do not take away from their beauty and purpose in life.

Do you know that your life cannot positively unfold its beauty and purpose without those who hate you, who hurt you, and who let you down?

Therefore be thankful to that irritant friend, that gossip cousin, that wicked boss, for they’re the gadfly of your life. Without them, your life will be pretty dull and meaningless.

As a collection of different flowers make a beautiful bouquet, that is how our differences make the world an exciting place.

So, my friend, from the depth of my throbbing heart,

I Wish You A Beautiful Day!
Did you know? – There was a time when 4 distinct human species lived at the same time. After carefully studying human fossils found in Kenya, Ethiopia and Chad, German scientists have concluded that 4 different human species coexisted at the same time about 3 million years ago. What isn’t known is how or if they are related and whether they interacted with one another.


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