Madam Jojo:( hmmmph! she makes her face in a sneer and stakes her nose upward in a manner enough to show any observer how irritated she feels) This area is smelling! Oh gosh! It’s smelling like a forgotten pit area.

If you’ve ever lived or taken a trip to the villages in the extremely rural areas where children still run around naked rolling cover of buckets as toy cars, you would understand what madam Jojo meant.

The village has it’s public toilet, but the toilet is not the type you know. The village public toilet is simply a dump site that has become a huge large heap. It is where all villagers go to throw their waste from all households. It also serves as the public toilet for doing the ‘big one’.

Yeah so now you understand what I mean by public toilet. Now imagine the aroma from such a huge heap that has accumulated over the years!!!! Yes! that’s it!

That’s exactly what madam JoJo was referring to when she said the area had a stench like a forgotten pit area.

Me: I could barely hold my laughter as I wasn’t in any way expecting such a remark. Needless to say that I wasn’t even perceiving anything close to what she perceived.

We were on our way to see a newly acquired plot of land. I had quipped myself to play the role of pastor in charge today. This was an honour I wasn’t taking for granted in any way. For do you not know that no one takes this honour upon himself….??

Madam Jo has a stream of prophetesses, pastors , Imams and several other prayer contractors all on her unofficial payroll.

What can we say? These people must eat somehow, so they constantly have one message or the other whenever the need arises. Anyways if madam Jo has chosen me, the least of all who isn’t even on payroll for this assignment, then it must be treated with the seriousness it required.

We walked onwards trying to recognise the exact location in the midst of what looked like an animal kingdom now invaded by daring humans.

Madam JoJo: The last I came here, a bike man took me straight to the place where I called the other baba.

Hmmm…..she went on,
So this keke man was trying to be smart with me but I showed him that shukushuku clan people cannot be outsmarted.

At the junction, we alight from the bus and look around for the next vehicle to kick off the start of the final phase of our journey.
We soon sight a park occupied by some tricycle.
As we make to ask one of them how to proceed on the journey, a short stout man with a slightly protruding belly jumps out and asks that we ride with him.
We attempted to negotiate but he stylishly makes a gesture to his colleague to be quiet, putting his hand to his mouth as if to hush a noise making child.
I wondered briefly at his reaction and expected madam Jo who I have come to know in a short while doesn’t tolerate any form of cheating.

As we proceeded on the journey, she involved the man in a slight price haggle and then promised to top his initial fare if he took us really close to what she remembered as the location we were heading for.

Minutes past as we navigated on a bumpy that gave me the feel of climbing hills and descending at the same time. He stopped and pointed ahead saying we had reached our destination.

Madam Jojo: Pauses with a look of bewilderment laced with mild confusion. Is this Oloriokombo Junction?
Him: Yes that’s the place.
Madam Jojo: Puts her hand into her bag and hands him the initial fare without the promised increment.
Him: Collects it and seeing it wasn’t complete goes into a quick rage, ranting and fuming.
By this time I had gotten off the tricycle.
He immediately turns and starts heading in the opposite direction.
Madam JoJo is seated unmoved as he drives off.
A confused me stands and stares at the back of the tricycle..

…..The story continues….


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