Are your morning greetings dry and drab, like a squeezed, old rag – useless and meaningless – flung at your listener? Your “Good morning” is meant to jazz up the day for the recipient. It should be couched to inspire the crippled spirit to go conquer the world and enliven the weary soul with renewed energy for yet another unpredictable day!


Below are specially crafted words to garnish your “Good Mornings” with the necessary ingredients to restore hope in the depressed and fill your loved one with increased joy.  Say them to your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband and renew your bond every day.


Have a happy reading!




  1. Wake up, Darling, this is a beautiful day.  I am glad to be awake in it and will rejoice in the abundant Grace of The Most High. I invite you to join me in the rejoicing. Good morning!


  1. Hello, my goldfish. Just want to reiterate that we’re inseparable, even in this day that’s unfolding. Welcome to a golden morn!


  1. Hello, my Addiction! I trust you’re keeping good. Just checking that the morning meets thee well. Enjoy today!


  1. I’m enthralled that we slept and woke, and together we match again into yet another day. Good morning, Beloved of mine!


  1. Great day to you, Darling! It’s exciting to be alive today and even more appealing to have you inside that today, with me. Let’s march together and seize the day!


  1. Because you’re my WHY that keeps me happy steadily, and because I’m addicted to you, today is guaranteed to be a happy-go journey of fulfilment!


  1. I just want to tell you that you are, and will always be, a no-return journey for me. Welcome to yet another excellent day, Dearie!


  1. Every day we learn new things. It’s good to know you’re on top of the new things you’re learning to handle. Have a fine day, Sweetheart.


  1. Love of my life, the Universe will always aid you, especially with your sincere intent and determined attention. So, rise and shine!
  2. Darling, I have watched you unlearn and relearn beneficial habits and positive attitudes. I have watched you grow steadily, as you continuously recalibrate your character. Therefore, today, this morning, now, I pronounce you the Queen of my Universe! Have a glorious day!
  3. It’s a sweet morning, fresh with the cool breeze. I’m drinking it all in with my entire body, and I feel exhilarated. This day is unfolding in peace and harmony. Receive from me this beautiful experience into your beauteous soul, my love.
  4. As I do not have control over your thoughts but mine, my thoughts right at this moment are on you, wishing for you the best of the unfolding day. Be fruitful!
  5. My love for you is you. Your love for me is me. This makes us complete, just as this morning is whole! Good morning!
  6. Long before I hear the sound of your vocal cords, I’ve listened to them many times in my head. I’m happy because your voice spells peace and joy. Good morning to a charming soul.
  7. Good morning, Darling.  It’s a brilliant Wednesday here, fresh and new, never seen before. Join me in using its very freshness to conquer the day.
  8. May our love for us and our honesty to us continue to be the truth of our watchword. My love for you remains unfathomable, even this morning. Have a lovely day, Girlie!
  9. This appears like an unusual morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw your name boldly written on the ceiling! When I looked closely, I realised that it was the ceiling of my heart, and your name was etched there as Premium Quality! Have a sweet day ahead, Honey.
  10. I’m intrigued this holy morn that you’re breathing life at your end, and I am breathing life at my end. Do have a lively day!
  11. Hey! Wake up and hear this… It’s one of those rare nights that I dream, and the dream was all about you – laughing, loving, and living. Wishing you a lovely day, Darling.
  12. It’s only once that this has happened – that I woke up humming your favourite song deep down within my soul. It happened again this morning, and I know that it’s once again a blessed day to be alive. Thank you for being in my life, my love!
  13. Darling, do you know what makes today different and unique? It’s the fact that somewhere on the inside you and I exist together, well beyond just the outside. That makes it a beautiful day! Good morning!
  14. Sweetheart, do you remember the first day we met? Do you remember the high connect we had? Let’s flow in the continuous existence of that connection. It’s what we both need to keep going in the direction of our purpose. Have an exciting day!
  15. Hello, Beloved! I heartily welcome you to one of the best days on this planet Earth. Be blessed.
  16. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, with no option. Having set sail in my heart to travel to yours, I have no choice in the matter. As the sun makes the west its daily destination, I make your heart my own goal. Mine is a one-way flight to you. Good morning.
  17. My spirit is on a high this morning. I am charged to keep the world from descending into gloom and despair. I derive exceptional pleasure from fulfilling that charge. Please join me on that journey. I want us to arrive together. Cheerio!
  18. Darling, you are the salt of the Earth. Wake up and sweeten it. Have a sweet day!
  19. Didn’t mean to tell you this but I guess you need to know it – that somewhere out there lives a being, and inside that being, lives a heart, and inside that heart, I am cocooned. Have an awesome day!
  20. Do you know why I protect my heart? It’s because it’s your house – you live there! Good morning, ma Babie!
  21. Stay blessed and stay right, Darling! Keep your head high, for no ill can come near you – you’re shielded in my heart. Shalom!
  22. Keep keeping fit, Baby – mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I know you can, and I know you are. I love you.
  23. Good morning, Darling. I’m all pumped up to overcome this day! I want you too to have a successful day!
  24. Welcome to an engaging character-building day. I just finished exercising. I trust you’ve had yours. Good morning!
  25. Now that we’re both awaken let me happily welcome you to an exciting day! Do have an exciting day, Sweetie!
  26. Darling, I know you’re awake and marching on in your own little way to save the world. While doing that, remember to protect yourself too – you’re a part of the world! Good morning to someone I thoroughly love!
  27. Baby, I know you know, but I crave your indulgence to say it one more time: I live every day as if it were my last, in loyalty to those I love (like you), to those I owe (like you), for those I mean something to (like you), with those that inspire me (like you), especially for them who are my WHY (like you). Good morning!
  28. It doesn’t really matter that we’re not physically together, my dear. What matters is that you’re alive in my heart, pumping and throbbing, getting all the love, one day at a time. Have a profound day!
  29. I’ve drafted and redrafted messages to you this morning, and I’ve deleted them all. None seemed appropriate and matching enough to do justice to how I feel about you. So, I decided to just tell you that I celebrate you in my heart, this morning and all day. Have a blessed day!
  30. Baby, it’s Saturday today. I heartily welcome you into it. Accept it for what it is; enjoy it for what it is; make a blessed day of it. Shalom!
  31. Welcome to a special day in human history, for what it represents and to where it’s taking humanity. In my little, silent corner this morning, I reassessed my love for you – to find out how to love you more. I suggest you do the same for us. Good morning, my Sweetheart.
  32. What a beautiful day this morning brings – a day to live, to love, to laugh. Do have a “Good morning”, my Darling.
  33. Yesterday went well. I trust today will go well with you. Cheers.
  34. As the sun rises in the morn to clear the mist, so should you rise today, with clarity of mind in a chaotic world. Welcome to a brilliant day!
  35. Writing is therapeutic. Writing to you every morning more so – it lays out my day before my feet. Have a swell day, Darling!
  36. Everything has a pair, without which it is incomplete. I am your pair, and we are complete. Have a progressive day!
  37. Never feel alone, my pretty – I’m always here for you. Good morning!
  38. Queen of my life, I am enchanted with this bright summer morning, because I know you’re also enchanted with it, with me. Have a lovely day!
  39. I woke up with you loaded in my head, making the thoughts of you run riots in my veins, and I feel distracted. Thank you, Darling, for being my positive distraction.
  40. Hollaaaa!!! Hollaaaa!!! Can you hear my little voice screaming “I love you”? Just in case you can, I really do. Good morning, my own Girlie, Girlie!
  41. Hello, there! Just so that you know: Please reach out to me anytime it gets tough, and you need to scream or lash out or cry or simply laugh at nothing. Just never forget that yours sincerely is never far away. Ok? Blessed morning to you.
  42. I’m chilling on my bed, thinking of you as one compelling reason why life is sweet. If these thoughts make you feel I’m also a compelling reason why life is sweet, then my day is made. Welcome to a well-made day!
  43. It is my belief that you slept well. It is my belief that you woke up healthy. It is my belief that you will have an extraordinary day. Good morning.
  44. Have a brilliant morning, Honie.
  45. Great day to you, Sweetheart! Though the world is sad, slow and sorrowful, I add my kind thoughts and best wishes to yours to lighten and brighten the day. Shalom!
  46. Charge for this morning: My Darling, visibly impress it upon your consciousness that I love you. Therefore, be strong in loving yourself deeply, for it is when you’re in love with yourself that you can love me well. Good morning.
  47. Know something, Sweetheart? I woke with gratitude to The Most High for your loving-kindness and wisdom, and for the lessons I’m learning in our purposeful togetherness. It’s a beautiful day today, made more beautiful by your presence in it. Good morning.
  48. Darling, no matter what today throws at you, realise that it is the lessons we learn at the most challenging times of our lives that build us. Go conquer the day!
  49. Dearie, if all things work for good, (as they do), and everything is as it should be, (as I know it is), then it is a good morning for us all, as it surely is. Have a lovely day!
  50. Even though the insensitive world is overshadowed by ignorance and may not see your sleeping beauty, I doubt not the superb goodness inherent inside of you. Therefore, wake up, shake up, and set sail for your daily chores. It’s a beautiful morning, my Girlie.
  51. Good morning to you, Queen of my heart!
  52. Those who cannot hear the drums playing will always consider the dancers mad. Those who do not belong to your tribe will always find you less than you are because they adjudge you by the standard of their own tribe. I am your tribesman – body, soul and spirit. What a delightful day to be alive!
  53. I’ve searched my head for a befitting “Good morning” message to you. Finding none, I’ll simply say, “Dearie, right after you, you come first! Always remember that. Have a successful day!”
  54. As you step into this gorgeous day, remember that God is right within you – listening, responding, talking, directing, assisting, supporting, all the time. Therefore, go, you’ll conquer the day!
  55. Darling, my thoughts for you this morning are those of peace, love and harmony. May the unfolding warmth of the day give you excellent health and peace profound. Have a blessed morning!
  56. Ariketemie, Funmilayomie, Iyawomie, my Anyanniwekanyanogbo, Soulmate, Premium Quality, Excellent Companion and Best of Besties – I LOVE YOU!
  57. Who’ll wake up and not be thankful to have such a heavenly soul like you for a friend? I just need you to know that your friendship is invaluable to me. Good morning!
  58. My Darling, kindly receive my kind thoughts and best wishes for a happy day. Bless you!
  59. Good Morning! May heaven rejoice with you today, may Earth acknowledge your uniqueness. May goodness and mercy be your portion. I celebrate you!
  60. Thank you for your usual kind thoughts and best wishes, especially on a fabulous day such as this. I slept and woke with your thoughts weighing awesomely on my mind. Thank you for being the source of such restful, irresistible sentiments. Good morning.
  61. Darling, I have a confession to make: thinking of you last night just before falling asleep made my sleep exceedingly refreshing and emotionally restful. Therefore I am glad to wish you a beautiful “Good morning!”
  62. No message could be more pleasurable for my heart than the one the thoughts of you produce every morning. Just feel you should know. Have a vibrant day!
  63. As I’m sure by now you know, my day isn’t complete until I say my “Good morning” to you. So, “Good morning to you, love of my heart!”
  64. Did you know I enjoy our regular, every morning, heart-to-heart communing and felicitations? They have become a pillar of our systemic structure. Please permit me to add today’s brick on it by wishing you a perfect day ahead.
  65. Now we’re awake, I take the opportunity to make a comment, the message which it imparts I hope will be impactful: I LOVE YOU. Good morning!
  66. Hey! Want to know how I spent my last minutes last night? I re-examined many things about myself, my life, and my place in life. Then I came to the conclusion that you, yes you, are at the very centre of my life. Have a winsome morning!
  67. I just feel it’s awesome to let you know that the principles governing my actions have gotten more and more refined ever since I connected with you. Thank you. Stay safe.
  68. Standing before my wardrobe to select what to wear this morning, I chose your favourite colour, blue – because I know I’ll be seeing you later today. See you later!
  69. Knowing that it wasn’t mere luck that our paths crossed when they did and how they did, I must send my best thoughts for a happy day – because I’m so glad to have you. Have a happy day!
  70. When two people connect, their worlds become one. It’s exciting that you’re the one I’m connected to. Have an exciting day.
  71. Dearie, I slept well and woke up energetic. I trust the same thing happened to you. Welcome to a beautiful day!
  72. My dear Champion, wake up and go conquer today, as champions do. You have all my support to enable you so to do. Good morning, Champ!
  73. Will I sound like a broken record if I send to you another “Good morning” this morning? Definitely not. After all, today is another day, a perfect day to say to a loved one, “Good morning!”
  74. I’m excited to declare why I’m crazy about you: it’s because you’re focused, determined, teachable, loving, simple, friendly, accommodating, reliable, dependable, forgivable, experienced and wise. Welcome to my world, Missy!
  75. It’s important to me right now to let you know that I wish you the best of today. And now that you know, I can go do other things. Enjoy!
  76. Every new morning we wake up with choices. You’re one of my choices today – because you bring laughter into my soul. Thank you!
  77. Whatever you decide to do today, Dearie, make sure it’s what makes you happy. Life does not guarantee that happiness will always come. Have a happy day!
  78. To know that you’re awake in sound health and reading this is enough reason to be grateful today. Here’s wishing you a brilliant day.
  79. Great day to you, Darling. My kind thoughts are with you as you set out to achieve your lawful undertakings for the day. Good bless you!
  80. Love cannot be love if one party feels drained by the other. Since we’re both not burdened by each other, it’s safe to say we both have a good day ahead of us. Enjoy this day, Darling!
  81. I’m excited thinking of you, and that’s why I’m saying to you this morning: “Good morning!”
  82. I’m enjoying this ride with you, Girlie, and that’s more important than a future I do not know if it’ll come. Enjoy this lovely day!
  83. My love, every morning you give me something to look forward to. I hope I do the same to you too. Have a lovely day!
  84. I just want to thank you for accepting me as your friend – substance and chaff. Welcome to a warm day.
  85. Darling, I know that those who surrender freedom for security end up having neither. Therefore, I choose freedom, whatever the cost may be. I’m prepared to pay it – for you!
  86. Not being able to speak with you right now, I’ll just content myself with inviting you to enjoy this glorious day, with me. Have a beautiful day!
  87. Hi! Is it too early to holler a “Good morning”? Well, there’s wisdom in quickly doing whatever one resolves to do, rather than deferring till evening what could be accomplished in the morning. Bless you!
  88. Ever wondered why I’m passionate about sending you a “Good morning” every morning? It’s in the hope of making us better so that we do not get worse. It’s a remarkable day today – enjoy it!
  89. Distance exists only in our minds, for though we wake from different corners of the Earth, yet the thoughts of you, ever so refreshed by your pictures, make my blood race again! I’m exhilarated to proclaim my “good morning!”. Welcome to a dandy day!
  90. It’s always refreshing to freely and happily welcome you to a lovely day, as I’m doing right now. Good morning!
  91. I’m particularly grateful to God Almighty to witness an important day such as this. I am even more grateful to have you in that day. Good morning!
  92. I feel blessed to add my light to yours, to brighten it and make the world a better place. Stay blessed.
  93. Darling, let’s stand together at the rooftop to proclaim peace, love and harmony to the world! The world will love it!
  94. Do you know there’s power in your presence, Dearie? Yes! Tremendous power. I feel it all the time. Good morning.
  95. My day is full and happy already, and it’ll be fuller and more pleasant when I receive a response to this “Good morning!”
  96. You know how well I wish you all the time. So, this morning I’ll not say much. I’ll only say, “Good morning!”
  97. Since I must do what I must do and since this day has come to be, then I must, of necessity, wish you a grand entry into it. Welcome!
  98. Every morning brings with it this feeling about you – the urge to communicate with you the blessings of the day. Welcome to a beautiful day!
  99. I’m happy to send you my best thoughts for a blessed day ahead. Good morning.
  100. You draw out the strength in me every morning, Sweetie! It’s therefore only proper to wish you a “Blessed morning!”
  101. It’s exciting to awake into another day. Good morning, ma Babie!
  102. Since meeting you, I’ve found a certain excitement about life. Just feel I should update you. Have a lovely day.
  103. Being privileged to be the recipient of your selfless love has taught me to up my game of loving. Thank you, Dearie.
  104. Good balms heal deep wounds; excellent support steady shaky hands. May good balms and supportive hands to see you through this day. Blessed morning!
  105. As we journey through the unfolding day, may you enjoy the trip into what obviously is another gorgeous day. Keep safe, Darling!
  106. Waking up to the thoughts of you always brings smiles to my face. Wish you lots of it today!
  107. What a brilliant day is breaking here! I wish for you the very best of that day over there, Dearie. It’s a good morning, indeed.
  108. Wake up! Day’s broken! Rest not on your oars. Go conquer the day!
  109. Every new day comes with its own cares and concerns, but champs make a meal of the challenges! Go! Go! Go! My Champ. Go make a meal of today!
  110. Writing to you every morning makes me fulfilled, and there’s no better way to start a day! Welcome to a new day!
  111. Good morning, Honey! I trust you had a terrific night and woke up full of beans, ready to tackle the day!
  112. I’m excited to welcome you to a magnificent day, made so by our thoughts and conduct. Have a splendid day!
  113. Sadly, we can’t be together physically with family and friends at these inauspicious times. But at least we can say “Good morning!”
  114. There are friends, and there are friends, and some friends are more family than family. My Darling, feel no fear and fear no foe. My love for you will see you through the day!
  115. My wish for you today is that you should have a stress-free day! Have a restful day!
  116. Good morning, Darling. Before stepping out for the day, take a moment to focus on the gift of life and be grateful for the great things you do have! Have a beautiful day!
  117. Physically or virtually, it doesn’t really matter. Just enjoy your day with your loved ones. It’s a spectacular day. Good morning!
  118. On behalf of my family, I welcome you to a brand new week of bliss. Remember to keep safe. Good morning!
  119. Honey, right at this moment that I’m sending this message, I really do not care what the world is going through. I only care that you should have a glorious day!
  120. Hello Dearie, I trust your night was restful. I’m delighted to welcome you into a fabulous day such as this. Enjoy it!
  121. As sure as the sun that’ll rise today, you will be better when you kick fear out of your mind – it’s a destroyer of the immune system. Have a happy day ahead!
  122. Baby, it’s yet another day, and we are what we are. Join me in the march to be what we want to be. Have a good morning!
  123. For whatever it’s worth, Darling, always know that I’m proud of you in my life. Welcome to a lovely day!
  124. Beloved, who you were yesterday was better than who you were before. Make yourself better today so that you’ll be better than who you were yesterday. Welcoming to a transforming day!


  1. Before the sun rises from its sleep, let me inform you that I’m exceedingly proud of you. Have a pleasurable day!


  1. Sweetheart, do you know it’s so difficult not to love someone with your mien? You’re just awesome! Have a blessed day!


  1. I believe you’re in excellent health, but it’s only human to ask. So I ask, how are you doing this morning, Dearie?


  1. Baby, is there anything I can possibly do to make your today better than yesterday? Do let me know. Good morning!


  1. Hey, need I tell you that I derive joy and gratitude from being a part of my life? Please continue so to be! Welcome to a beautiful day!


  1. Just as the uplifting of the clouds often shows the blue of the sky, so has intimacy with you revealed the hidden splendour in you. How grateful I am to find you!


  1. Good morning sweetheart, what a beautiful day to be alive again! I wish you the very best of this gorgeous day.


  1. There’s sure a purpose for today as there’s sure a purpose for you in it. Step in there and fulfil it!


  1. Beloved, as you do all you can do, as you keep being your good faithful self, ensure that you maximise your potentials and reach out to the world. Good morning!


  1. Distance is but a figment of man’s little mind. In actuality you and I are but one soul in twain. Top of the morning, my love.


  1. Again, it’s daybreak, and life is unfolding sweetly. I believe it’s so at your end too. Let’s enjoy what has been provided – it was all designed for us. Good morning.


  1. Beloved, the light blue sky, the chirping birds fluttering their wings, the slow, almost shy, rising sun, and the cold, gentle breeze blowing across my face, all tell me more than anything else that it’s a blessed day… It’s into this real beauty I welcome you. Peace be unto you!


  1. Good morning, Darling. I believe today will be a fabulous day because you share it with me – a reminder of the truth and honesty of the Universe.


  1. Sitting at my doorstep, sipping my self-made concoction of you-know-what, I’m singing beautifully to you that song you very much love to hear… Have a sweet day!


  1. Good morning, beautiful soul. You’re gorgeous inside and outside!


  1. Just want you to know that I’m blessed beyond measure to have you in my world. Have a good morning, Darling.


  1. He who cannot trust in his truth cannot believe in himself. I trust in my truth – and you’re a part of that truth. Good morning, Angel!


  1. Darling, having done well to stand, you stand! Remain standing tall in it, because you’re tall inside!


  1. Blessed day today is, and blessed art thou in it. Have a lively day!


  1. Darling, welcome into the new dawn we’ve already started creating. Success is yours!


  1. My Girlie, I enjoy the freshness in your thoughts for me, the touch of love, and the words that go with it. Thank you for being mine!


  1. That you’re alive and well, that you’re breathing and conversing with the Universe, that’s enough for me. Thank you for bringing the joy!


  1. I’m just a happy man every day as I behold your freshness in every way. It’s always a great day!


  1. Good morning, Wifie! Welcome to a gorgeous day! Peace!


  1. It’s simple to walk a thousand miles to find you or swim a million kilometres to reach you. It’s because your abode is in my heart!


  1. It’s a huge joy to send to a loved one happy greetings and well wishes. May the sun forever shine graciously upon you. Good morning.


  1. Lift up your eyes, my Missy, see the glory ahead of you this day – it is laced with peace beyond your knowledge, health in abundance, and love in its purity. Good morning!


  1. Every day, in every way, I emerge better, and that’s because you’re who you are – sensational. Have a nice day!


  1. Peace profound! Love unstoppable! That’s what I deposit into our relationship this morning. You get it?


  1. Although we’re human, what’s between us is divine. That’s my confidence in saying “Good morning” every morning.


  1. Ah! I have a rain of abundance in my soul, and that feels beautiful! Your being in my heart makes the experience more precious, fuller, more pleasant! Thank you, and good morning!


  1. My love, I’ve come to realise that I’m God in a human frame, same as you. Therefore as Gods, we can truly love without attachment, which is how God loves us. Have a God-filled day!


  1. Loving you every day is easier, and that’s what makes life happier. Good morning!


  1. Sweetheart, I’ve never understood love like this, neither have I experienced it in this form. You made all that possible. Thank you!


  1. Hello, my Platinum! Wake up! It’s yet another fantastic day! Go conquer!


  1. It’s so comforting every morning to say “Good morning, Darling.” Have a happy day!


  1. Darling, I’m cocksure who I have in you – an intuitive partner and a caring companion. Good morning!


  1. Dear love, both of us should be happy together, always. But if I have to decide between you and I being fulfilled, I’ll choose that you be happy. Your happiness covers for us. Have a sunny day!


  1. When you truly love someone, the person’s presence becomes unnecessary for you to do what’s right by them, because they do love and throb in the hearth of your heart. I love you, Angel, and that’s what’s important to me.


  1. Ever since meeting you, I’ve resurrected from the ashes of my scarred and scared self, to become loving, lovely and godly. For this, and for more, I can only say, “Thank you”, and “Good morning!”


  1. Lean on me, Darling, as you step out to win today! The victory is yours!


  1. You know something, Sweetheart? The terrible ills foisted on us by some do not make the entire world evil. They make the world even better – if we make the ills seeds of a more fruitful future. Have a learning day, Darling!


  1. Dearie, I’m inspired this morning to tell you to choose your happiness carefully – do not make me go to my grave sad by choosing wrongly. Enjoy this bountiful day!


  1. My Love, if today throws you some confusion, fret not, for tomorrow brings you clarity in its own wake. Have a successful day!


  1. Unto the Earth, you were born! Daughter of the Universe you shall remain! Speak your thoughts and concerns to the Universe. Therein lays truth, which always prevails. Have a blessed day.


  1. Every ear hears what it wants to hear. Every heart sanctions what it upholds. My heart endorses you. Do have a sonsy day!


  1. What an exceptional way to start a great day: lots of sweating at exercising; a hot bath and hot coffee followed. I’m feeling on top of the world right now as I blow you my flowery “good morning!”


  1. Darling, peace and harmony I hold in my heart right now. Peace and harmony I wish for you this very day. Enjoy both!


  1. My own very Sweetheart, please accept with love, my kind thoughts and best wishes for a successful day! Bless you!


  1. This day has broken, and we must continue our journey in life. So, have a safe trip into today, starting with a blessed morning!


  1. May your heart be calm even amidst the noise of the dreary world. May your eyes not just see things but see through things. May your health get better even as you age gracefully. Good morning, my Darling!


  1. Please enjoy this day – it’ll never come our way again. Make it memorable!


  1. As it is given unto every man to know himself, so is it also given to him to know where his heart is. Mine resides with you – for your tender keeping!


  1. Your huge capacity for self-appraisal and inner progress towards the Light are some of your endearing characteristics. Let this day meet you doing them. Good morning!


  1. Hey! Do you know you’re the best caregiver I’ve ever found? I’ve tried you – I’ve proven you! Stay good, Girlie!


  1. Darling, there can be no bitter suffering where love is involved. Love itself eases it and enables it to be borne with dignity and patience. Welcome to a sweet day!


  1. Not being able to say much this morning, permit me to simply say, “Good morning, I love you.”


  1. The prison of the mind limits the soul personality from unfolding and experiencing right living. Being in love with you frees me to fly. Come, enjoy the flight with me!


  1. Whatever happens today, I know that you know, somewhere inside of you, that I love you. Good morning!


  1. My Angel, I acknowledge your love for me. Needless to say, the action is mutual – from the deepest part of my being. Do have a sweet day!


  1. My vision gets more explicit as the sun climbs higher, and so does my love for you. Have an uplifting day!


  1. I love you. That’s all I can say for now. Good morning!


  1. I’ve always known you as one that thrives and excels. Go out there and shine, one more time. Good morning, excellent companion of mine.


  1. My sincere dream for you is that you win each day that comes your way, including today. Have a winning day!


  1. Even as you go through this day, Darling, continue to stay safe – life is sweet. Have a brilliant day!


  1. Today is another day, Sweetheart. I charge you to continue to stay healthy – you’ve got what it takes. Have a successful day!


  1. Wake up, Darling, and continue your press forward in the course you’ve chatted for yourself. The sun is on its own course already. Do have a focused day!


  1. Life, light and love are already yours. Please add laughter to it as it’s your norm to do – I hear it’s the best medicine. Good morning!


  1. I woke up thinking of how sweet life has been with you in it. I’ll never let anyone take me away from you. Please never let anyone take you away from me!


  1. It’s true that when one teaches, two learn. Every time I show you how to navigate life, I get better myself. Thank you for the opportunity to relearn.


  1. With you, life has a soul. Without you, life is just a body – without meaning. Make today worth its while. It’s an exceptional day!


  1. Gorgeous soul, get up! The day beckons for your conquest. Go do it! Good morning!


  1. Here’s my declaration this morning – “I’ll never leave you because I can no longer find a way to live without you”. Good morning, Darling!


  1. Beloved, do you know how I know you’re destined for greatness? Because you believe in yourself! Continue so to do. Good morning.


  1. This day is beautiful, and there’s no better time than now to welcome you into it. Good morning, Soul mate.


  1. When I regained consciousness this morning and stretched to feel you beside me, I realised I honestly cannot live without you. Welcome to another day of excellent companionship!


  1. My dear Premium Quality, I just want you to know that you’ll always remain my Platinum. Good morning!


  1. Your inadequacies irrespective, I just want you to know that I value you so very much. Please join with me to maintain the elegant world we’ve built together. I don’t own it alone; it’s yours too!


  1. Since the sun is yet to rise in our clime, let me light up your face with my smile and brighten your world with my heart. Have a bright day!


  1. There’s excellent light inside of us all. I’ll add mine to yours, and together, let’s go rock the world today! Good morning!


  1. As no one can shield the beauty of the sun with the palm of the hand, so can no one cover your glory from shining upon the world. Have a sunny day, my love!


  1. Good morning, Beloved. Today presents us another opportunity to excel. Let’s utilise it to the Glory of The Most High. Go, have a fulfilling day.


  1. Hi! Does this day ring a bell? It does so in my head, chiming, “Welcome to my world!” I’ll see you later, Darling!


  1. With love, I welcome you into my heart this morning. Please stay cocooned there. Good morning!


  1. Darling! Dearie! I hear the cocks crowing kukuruuuukuuuuuuu! It’s daybreak! Take a break from sleep! Go win today’s laurels!


  1. What a great day we have ahead! What a diligent person you are in it! Enjoy its blessings!


  1. Everything is hard before it becomes easy. May all your lawful endeavours be fruitful! Welcome to a successful day!


  1. I woke up excited, just knowing I’ll say good morning to a beautiful soul on this beautiful day! Good morning, Darling!


  1. Dearie, I believe you rested well at night, and I trust you’ll overcome this day as well. Do have a successful day!


  1. Since you have renewed energy from a restful sleep, go into the world and conquer today – I’m with you all the way! Good morning!


  1. Bestie, I’m positively certain you’re growing every day. That’s because the difference between who you are now and what you want to be is what you do. Please keep doing that which you’re doing! Good morning!


  1. My love, do you know I’m awake and sound? Do you know I believe you too are awake and well? Do you know I’m ready to take on this day? Please do the same with me – for us. After all, it’s a good morning.


  1. Hello Sunshine, I bring you good tidings that today promises lots of goodies. Position yourself to enjoy them. Good morning!


  1. As this day reveals itself, I urge you to swim along with the current of natural harmonics that you may the better be enabled to win the day. Good morning, Bestie!


  1. As the sun floats across the face of heaven, preparing to take a restful bow, so may you cruise home today, after conquering your share of the world! Welcome to a successful day!


  1. Though the African thunderstorm rumbles and grumbles to foreshadow a downpour, it cannot stop me from sending you the red roses from the jungle of my heart. Enjoy the rain!


  1. Did I ever tell you that you enthuse me with godly blessings, knowing wisdom and untold love? Now you know. Have a pleasant day, Darling!


  1. Sleeping Beauty, wake up! Even today cannot afford to resist you. Good morning!


  1. If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Q.E.D!


  1. I found a great way to enter into your world today and be heartily welcome into it. It’s simply by paying attention to you – with love. Have a lovely day!


  1. Good morning, Sweetheart. May you experience a day as cool as a cucumber and as lucid as lucent. Love!


  1. I’m thankful for a refreshing sleep; I’m grateful for my precious life; I’m happy to have a friend like you inside that life. I wish that you have the best of today, Honey!


  1. Definitely, it’s a great day today, as it’s laden with the sweetness of life. Do enjoy its freshness, because you’re yourself outstanding. Good morning


  1. There’s a lot of opportunities and little competition in being a good human being. I’m happy you seized the opportunity! Keep up the excellent work, Missy!


  1. Happily, I usher you into this day – a wonderful day to live fearlessly, a joyful day to laugh heartily and a wondrous day to love effortlessly. Stay blessed!


  1. Do you know my wish for you today? It is that you and yours enjoy excellent health and peace profound! Shalom!


  1. How wonderful it is to be alive again! I’m bustling with renewed energy and rejuvenated hope! I know that somewhere in one corner of the Earth reside you – an exquisite Daughter of the Universe!


  1. Isn’t it simply amazing to be alive, well and happy? Welcome to a day of gratitude, my dear!


  1. Darling, I know to whom my heart belongs, and I know it is secured in the cushioned safety of yours. Good morning!


  1. Beloved, I thank you richly for being in my life. God bless you, abundantly.


  1. Your gorgeous personality and glittery soul never cease to gratify my heart. I love you, Darling!


  1. It’s an extraordinary morning, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to yet another wondrous phenomenon of the Universe, in which you and I are partakers in its unfolding. May your partaking be fruitful and peaceful.


  1. Deep down in my soul, a stirring wells up for you every morning. And that’s one reason waking up is an exciting experience for me. Welcome to an action-filled day!


  1. As you strive towards our ideals today, remember that you’re human, and cannot possibly win more than you can win. Take today as it comes, one moment at a time. Good morning!


  1. Hello, Beloved! Welcome on board another lovely day. It’s a great one, indeed! Enjoy it!


  1. Peace is our calling, our portion, our aspiration. Peace may you always find and live. Good morning to you, Special One!


  1. Although Honey is sweet, you’re better. Being with you offers immeasurable serenity – something akin to the peace that defies all understanding. Welcome to a peaceful day!


  1. We’re human, and yet divine. May the divinity in you illuminate your surrounding for a more harmonious experience. Good morning!


  1. Dear Princess, as is your usual practice, when the world goes low, you go high. Adorn your garb of superiority to remain unpolluted amid pollution. That’s what marks you out! Enjoy today’s brilliance!


  1. Dear Angel, my laser focus is on you, to love and to attend, so that I can give you that which you truly deserve – myself! Good morning!


  1. Hi, Darling! I woke up this morning to the pleasant realisation that I synch with your vibes, effortlessly. Thank you for being such a harmonious being. Do have a smooth day!


  1. Dearie, do enjoy this beautiful day, made special by your very existence in it! Good morning!


  1. My Baby, may your light shine brighter today than it ever shined. May our love soar higher than it ever did. May our hearts align more with our Maker than they ever did. Let’s make it a gorgeous day.


  1. Darling, the sun is up, bestowing light and lustre to all. I reach out to the world, starting with you, and I’m happy. Good morning!


  1. My day couldn’t possibly be complete without you. Your presence is wholeness! Enjoy this day.


  1. Good morning, my Excellent Companion. I’m delighted to think of you today in my waking moments, as usual. It’s a beautiful day for you. Love it.


  1. My Missy, the day is unfolding here beautifully as the sun emerges gracefully. May its warmth give you vitality to live and excel, Amen.


  1. I charge you this morning, my friend, to walk into today in confidence – you’re the child of this Great Universe.


  1. My unqualified gratitude goes to God Almighty on this particular day, for allowing our tracks cross, and to you, for allowing me into your part of the path. Have a swell day!


  1. My love, I think it’s a good time to let you know that I am grateful for the good times we share: they’ll ever remain green in the garden of my memory.


  1. As you step forth into this day, may the Earth rise to meet you, gently; may the sun shine upon your brow, warmly; may the rain fall on your cheek, softly; may the wind of life nudge you from behind, tenderly. Good morning!


  1. Being a special gift to the Earth, you sure do deserve the best. And my wish for you this morning is that very best. Have a glorious day!


  1. Irrespective of the space and time between us, the wonders of the internet let me see your face, hear your voice and tell you how much I love you. Have a restful day!


  1. As long as this world is beautiful and life is sweet, Darling, enjoy the ride with me – this day will never come our way again. Good morning.


  1. May the divine radiance of the Cosmic permeate your being and may your outward glow attract to you that which swings in harmony with your core. Have a harmonious day!


  1. In this journey called life, Dearie, only those who have mastered the art of riding the waves overcome the season of an anomaly. May you ride your waves today, effectively. Good morning!


  1. Life is not a war to be fought, but love to be cherished. That is why I love your approach to it – living one day at a time. Welcome to a fabulous day!


  1. It’s yet another brilliant day, and I look forward to your conquering it, as usual. Go! Go! Go! my Love! Conquer today!


  1. The world by its very nature is distractive, but you’re smart to navigate through. Keep up your focus, Missy! Love.


  1. I’m grateful to The Most High to be alive this day. Your presence in it with me is why I’m excited this morning. Welcome to a lovely day!


  1. The mere thought of you creates joy in my heart. Even as I write this, I’m smiling. Darling, welcome to a happy day!


  1. It’s a beautiful morning unfolding here. I trust it’s the same at your end! Have a swell morning, Dearie.


  1. My Babie, it’s an excellent day to be alive, with you; and even if that’s all there is to it, it’s still worth hollering a “Good Morning!” to you.


  1. Have a peaceful day, Darling, for I am a man of peace. Shalom!


  1. I guess this is the best time to declare that with you I’m not self-conscious. I just flow in the direction of my feelings. Have an exciting day!


  1. My love, make a happy day out of today, for life holds no guarantee that tomorrow will be happy! Good morning!


  1. Since you flow with me, emotionally and stay with me, mentally, my steps spring and my gaze are upward! What more can I possibly ask of you, Darling?


  1. Every time I remember how we started, I smile happily. I recall falling for you like a ripe mango in the hands of an experienced former! Have a swell day with me, Darling!


  1. Good morning, Sweetheart. I’m here to tell you that you should please not change who you are – because you’re superb as you are. Good morning!


  1. Sometimes you wonder why I love you so much, right? It’s because you’re like a hidden pearl – the world sees it everywhere but knows it not, because not everybody sees, even though everybody has eyes.


  1. Darling, it’s raining here right now, and that makes it a beautiful day for me. I hope it is for you, too. Here’s wishing you an enjoyable day.


  1. Do you know why every day is a beautiful day? It’s because of your presence in it. Good morning!


  1. This morning you have my best wishes to have a fulfilling day. Proceed, Darling!


  1. Wake up! The day is broken, waiting to be taken. Go take it! Go for it! It’s yours for the asking! It’s yours for the taking! Blessed art thou in this day, my Angel.


  1. Sweetie, it’s a beautiful day here. I’m experiencing its verve and sweetness. Thinking of you assures that experience, connecting with my Maker cements it and having both of you creates for me heaven on Earth. Welcome to a day of synergy!


  1. Darling, you make me add value to you effortlessly because your energy is positive! Have a positive day!


  1. I have wasted much time in the past, but with you, every second I spend is precious time regained! Welcome to a day of gains!


  1. Good morning, my Darling. Just want to tell you that you’re so loved that no ill will find you. Now that you know go have a good morning!


  1. Darling, this day is forecasted to be extraordinary because your extraordinary personality lives in it. Remain blessed!


  1. Great day to you, my love. I trust you slept well and woke up vibrant. Let’s go and conquer the day. It has started already!


  1. Although it’s raining this morning, I feel the sunshine inside of it. Darling, I invite you to enjoy every bit of the day. Good morning!


  1. Sometimes the weather is dull, unsure of what it’s doing, but we must be sure of who we are and what we’re doing. We must continue to surmount the mount. Shalom, beautiful soul!


  1. Good thoughts and right conduct make a day beautiful. Your presence in that day makes it grand! Good morning!


  1. Darling, as sure as the sun that’ll rise tomorrow, I’ll always do all within my powers to make you happy, and not otherwise, if within my abilities to prevent it! Have a restful day!


  1. This is a beautiful, effervescent morning. May your day be equally beautiful and bubbly. Bless you.


  1. It’s a splendid morning, and I’m excited to welcome you to yet another wondrous phenomenon of the Universe, in which you and I are partakers. May our partaking be fruitful and peaceful. Good morning, Darling!


  1. My love, join me in appreciating the precious privilege of been alive again and let’s breathe with love and enjoy with all. Have a winsome day!


  1. My Princess, I’m excited that you’ve joined our collective human consciousness to peep and prep for a better today. Welcome to a unique day, Daughter of the Universe!


  1. I opened my eyes this morning with the resolution to make my love for you happen again like it happened yesterday. Good morning!





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