”There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

The scream pierced the silent leaped night, and even the chirping insects went quiet in reverence. It tore through the night again and again, breathlessly, helplessly, painfully, ceaselessly. Anyone listening was left in no doubt that the screamer was at the zenith of pain.

Suddenly the screams stopped, and in the dead silence that followed, the listeners couldn’t decipher if the one in pain was silent forever or still alive. Then, after long suspense, it was the sharp, shrill, innocent cry of a baby that pierced the thick quiet night. The new arrival screamed ceaselessly, who knows, perhaps in sympathy with the call of its mother.

Soon, the mother cuddled him and smiled in boundless joy as he sleeps ever so gently in her cozy, weak arms. No doubt, love is experienced at various levels, but the purest love amongst humans must be the love of a mother for her child. It is still a mystery how a woman’s intense pains vanish as soon as she hears her baby’s cry!

Love is, indeed, a beautiful thing. In fact, in all relationships where love is back of it beauty is espoused, because then you understand just as you’re appreciated. This is because the beautiful things in life cannot be seen nor touched – they can only be felt in the heart.

In sum, my friend, love is when you look beyond the naked eyes and see the beauty of another’s soul, the true essence of who they are. So, as a man, never love a woman because she’s beautiful. Instead, make her beautiful with your love. As a woman, I never love a man because he’s rich, enrich him with your love.

You can have all that you want, it all begins with you

Have A Lovely Day!
Did you know? – Falling in love, at first sight, is real, according to psychologists. It takes only 2-4 minutes to fall for someone or to make a good impression on someone.


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