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Call me Mr Governor not Your Excellency – Babajide Sanwo-Olu


The Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has asked to referred to as ‘Mr Governor’ and not Your Excellency. He said this yesterday evening through his twitter handle @jidesanwoolu.

“Good evening Lagos. Your Excellency is a nice title that has been used to signify authority, position in government, authoritarian disposition, executive arrogance, and a demi-god mystique. Today, I wish to drop the title and to embrace a more representative one; Mr. Governor

In the last five months that I have been privileged to exercise the mandate freely given to me by the great and hardworking people of Lagos State, it has come to my consciousness to review certain features of citizen-government relations.

These features impede the genuine expression of the democratic spirit of our society and the meaningful exercise of the sovereignty of our people.

The office of the Governor has been celebrated as the paragon of excellence, a temple of perfection and a throne of purity.

This demi-god mystique spreads over the entire machinery of the executive arm of the government, symbolising an authoritarian disposition on the governed. It has deformed the orientation of the elected and appointed persons who are paid from the taxes of the people.

Elected and appointed persons now see themselves as oppressors who can do no wrong and must be served, rather than serve the people.

Whatever might have been the reason for this myth, let us

be honest, the office is occupied by a mortal who is called to serve.

Not just to serve, but with humility and sincerity. The office of the Governor is a public trust that calls for sacrifice, modesty and willingness to add value to the lives of the people.

As expected, different reactions trailed the tweet afterwards.


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