Humility Is an Asset

“Be like the bamboo – the higher you grow, the deeper you bow.” – Chinese Proverb.

“Do you know that man sitting over there?” asked Joe, my friend.

“No” I replied. “Who is the man?”

“That is the Vice-Chancellor. The man next to him is the Registrar.”

Prof. Adamu Baiki, our then Vice-Chancellor, was well known for his humility. Whenever students complained of poor food quality or any such low-quality service, he would (in company of his Registrar) personally pay a surprise visit to the cafeteria, pick his tray, queue with students, be served like one of them, pay for his meal, carry it to wherever he could find space in the midst of so many students, eat his lunch in peace, and depart quietly.

You could be rest assured that that complain would be addressed within days. The Vice-Chancellor was not just a man of action but a man of great humility.

Ever interacted with a humble person? You come away in admiration; the higher the station of the person, the greater the respect. Their humility makes them so real just as pride makes the proud artificial.

But, you need not be of high status to exhibit humility. It’s a good cap that fits all heads. Indeed, you should exude humility all the time, because true wisdom lies in being humble – it’s an asset that can catapult the lowly to dine with kings.

So, as you step out today, remember that while pride changed angels into devils, humility makes men angels.

Have A Fulfilling Day!
Did you know? – Humble people are active listeners


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