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The minister of health has said that they can use homemade but must be washed every evening warm water, ironed for reuse.

He further responded to questions about figures for new infections, saying that it will fluctuate even as they’re making the testing more efficient. He, however, did not comment on the relaxation of testing eligibility conditions.

He went on to state that the ministry is working on partnering with private sectors that will serve sample collection centers where eligible people will drive to drop samples, which will later be collected and taken laboratory.


On community testing, the rep stated that test kits are expensive, and because the virus only begins to show forth after the incubation period of 2-14 days, testing down before then can still come out negative if they have not started showing apparent symptoms.


The minister in charge of humanitarian affairs responded to the question on palliative measures being distributed to say that they have started the process expanding the register they’re working with.


Honorable minister of foreign affairs Geoffrey Onyema responded to the question of the Nigerians who came in from Togo were tested in Togo, and all returned negative. The other 60 he said are on fourteen-day isolation and would only be tested if they begin to show symptoms of the virus.

Elderly persons above 70 and those with underlying respiratory issues are advised to stay away from infected persons or suspected cases.

Later, Tonight at 7pm, President Buhari would be addressing the Nation.


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