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“It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.” – Sally Kempton

I remember an argument I had with a classmate of mine in secondary school. He said every human being had an enemy while I maintained I had none! He said it was impossible not to have an enemy, that his father told him there were enemies at home, in school, in workplaces, anywhere and everywhere.

I look forward to when I meet this classmate of mine again. I’m curious to know his opinion on the issue today; now he’s an adult who can (hopefully!), think for himself.

Have you observed how some people think, talk, pray, swear, at perceived ‘enemies’ who they believe are always plotting their ill-fortune?

They cannot freely eat or drink when offered, even by well-known acquaintances, because they are ever afraid of being harmed!

Does the above description fit you? If so, are you sure you’re not your enemy?

Until you free yourself from the mental prison of a world dominated by ‘devils,’ you cannot be free from the shackles of self-imposed enemies.

Go – Free Your Mind!
Did you know? – Black cats were initially deemed ill luck in the middle ages because they were thought to be companions of witches.

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