“You can’t expect to find this amazing person if you’re not growing and becoming a better person yourself – the harvest depends on the seed.” – Unknown

I once played a game with a very tiny, motionless ant. I placed a finger close to it, and it raced away. I moved the finger and put it in front of it. The ant ran forward and climbed the finger – and continued racing. As far as it was concerned, it had run away from danger! And I smiled in the sudden realisation that that is what we humans do. You see, you can travel great distances and yet remain in one spot.

Some people spend their lives racing from one place to another, thinking that they have succeeded in changing location, etc., little realising that they remain but the same person. Although their locations differ, yet the same types of situations, people and chaos follow them wherever they go.

You wonder why your situation hasn’t changed? It’s because personal growth has little to do with where you are, and everything to do with how you are.

Circumstances often change after you’ve discovered the lessons you’re meant to learn and made the inner change.

So, to make good progress, you’ve got to change your mind.

Have a Progressive Day!

You can have all that you want, it all begins with you

Did you know? – People can change at any age.

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