“There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

Beauty is pleasant, and everyone desires it.

However, it’s not everything that looks beautiful that is beautiful. For example, can people who carry a five-dollar haircut on a ten-cent head be said to be truly beautiful?

Are you beautiful because of your looks or you are attractive because of the light glowing from within you?

Sometimes people are beautiful, not just in how they look, or even in what they say, but in what they are.

Look around. You’ll find that true beauty cannot be seen with the eyes, or even touched with the hands; true beauty is felt with the heart.

Go. Be Beautiful!

You can have all that you want, it all begins with you
Did you know? – People with dark colour skin wrinkle later than people having light colour skins.

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