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One day, you will wake up, but it will not be on this part of the divide. You will stare down at your body and watch the people you love the most do what humans do when a soul departs. It will be a different ball game at that time. The dreams and aspirations you have will become irrelevant on the new side of the divide where you will find yourself. All the money you have accumulated, the ones you have hidden in various places will become of no use to you. The ones you have hidden which no one knows about will become lost forever. The thoughts and ideas that you never worked upon will become lost forever.
When the day shall come, it will not be about your age or how many children you have. It will just sneak in like a thief in the night. It reminds me of the scripture where the Lord Jesus said the day of the Lord would come like a thief in the night. Like labour comes upon a woman with child. 1Thessalonians 5:2-3.

Suddenly but surely, it will come
The Yorubas from the western part of Nigeria hold a general belief that death will always hold on to something as its excuse for capturing a fellow when its time.

So a few days ago, I was on my way out, opened my gate in the usual manner and looked ahead of me. I saw a group of people gathered around Baba’s house. My first thought was what must have happened?

People do not just gather around aimlessly in the morning on the second day of the year. As I walked past greeting everyone I knew in as hush a tone as I could muster, I immediately perceived in my spirit that something unpleasant had happened. I noticed as I walked by Baba’s house that everyone except the Baba whom I usually greet every morning wasn’t there (I no longer greet him anymore)

I walked by another small group and heard Baba’s friend tell them that he was there at about 9;30pm, and he asked for the doctor in charge, treating him. That was all I heard as he trailed off while I walked away. On getting to the gate area of the estate, I saw vehicle drive-in with a coffin and then it confirmed my fears.

I still went on trying to pick from every small whisper till I to the estate gate and as I was waiting to board a tricycle heard another man direct a van carrying chairs into the estate saying that that Baba was gone.
I had finally confirmed my fears. All that kept ringing in my head was “Baba yen ti ku” which is Yoruba for The old man is dead.

Every time I open my gate, and every time I walk by the Baba’s house, I can’t help but think within me. Baba yen ti ku. I stare at his luxury SUV, and his house which he single-handedly painted himself and I wonder at life. Here today and gone tomorrow, like the casting crown lyrics.

Worse still is the demise of a young mind; it puts me in immediate retrospect and deep thoughts.

We all have one time to walk through this part of the divide and whatever we do comes to an end when the hour of deaths shows up.
While here, do all the good you can and live yours to the fullest. Do the things that make you happy.

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