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January is almost over as we’re already midway through it.
All the rush about goals and resolutions may even be fading off, but one thing is for sure. You are still alive. To God alone be the glory for life, so we wake you and live on, grateful to be on this side of the divide at this time. Once we have established that we’re made for success and are sure to succeed, We then move to work at it.
Working at success takes the usual, just simple steps
The fastest way to reach your desired goal is to keep it short and straightforward.
For this week!
State your desired goals and break it into days and then into hours.
You may need to draw up an hourly time table as the case may be.
Just like the bell regulated the times spent in school, we all need a mind bell to adjust the time spent daily. That way, we end up living a fulfilled day, and a series of full days will lead to a well-spent week and month, and we would well be on our way to achieving that desired goal.


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