Sometimes you need to to fail to be able to understand what it means to succeed or well maybe not sometimes, it really is every time because every time you fail, it gives you the opportunity to look inwards, look outwards and ask the question you may never have asked if you hadn’t failed “why”
The “why” question is one question that everyone needs to ask in life to enable them move from one point of the ladder to another.

Why did I fail? why did I miss this opportunity? why did I lose this job? why did I lose this relationship?. “

The WHYs” keep you going when you ask them after every seeming downfall. success will come to you if you follow steps dedicatedly.
success requires hard work, however you must be hard working it’s the right thing or should I say you must be working hard smartly. Working hard smartly, is what you need to become successful.

Let me give you an illustration if you were given a task to fill a bucket with water and you had no way to fetch it other than from a well, you could choose to draw water with a fetcher from the well, or you could pump out water from the well, both efforts will give you water,however the option of pumping may be tedious and seem like it’s time consuming initially but in the end it pays off better as you can pump out more water.
In the light of this, you need to Channel your energy properly be sure that you are futuristic and smart about your hard work.
As they say Hustle Hard!! Grind!! while you’re hustling and grinding, be smart about your Hustle

See that you’re hustling futuristically.
You need to have dreams and to achieve your dreams you need to set goals. The essence and idea of setting goals is to get your dreams closer to you daily, weekly,monthly and yearly. In a nutshell, goals bring your dreams closer.
Work at your goal daily with discipline and consistency. Keywords here are consistency and discipline. These two words are what you need to reach whatever heights you desire to attain in life.

We hear that “what you focus on expands”
It takes discipline to focus, it takes consistency to focus and it takes discipline to be consistent.
The more consistent you are the easier it is for you to be disciplined, so you see that these two are an inseparable Siamese twins that will enable anyone to succeed any day any time.

When it comes to Goals, it is easy to think of the really big ones and that often discourages people from setting goals.
Begin goal setting by selecting small achievable feats daily. As little as laying your bed when you are awake in the morning is a goal, so see that you are able to work at achieving little goals and you will be on your way to succeeding at bigger goals.

This post has been inspired by Denzel Washington’s speech to a group of fresh graduates
Learn to put a set time to your goals and follow it through.
Use templates you can have goals; daily targets; time allotted; what to achieve per day.
What people don’t do most of the time is that they don’t have a goal checker
So your goal tracker should be did I meet today’s target?
Did I meet the week’s target? So at every point in time you should always check your goals to be sure that you are on track.


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