Repercussions ( Sammy’s Corner)

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Not everyone goes to school to drink from the fountain knowledge of the teachers, some of them are there to frolic around. It is not everyone whom you see in church that comes to worship God, some are there to either charge phones, look for side chicks/ betterhalves or perhaps to secretly indulge in theft.
Your name is Job. The more you remember the numbers of years you have spent on earth without a serious partner to hover in the same life-time boat with you, the more uneasy your soul seems. You tell Kemi, whom you love so much, to suffer and enjoy life with you even though you are indigent. She examines you from head to toe as though you were a sculptor. She laughs. And her laughter has you in wonder. You have no clue if her blast of laughter is birthed by your wretchness or something entirely different is behind the guffaw.  It soon dawns on you that the opposite of affluence has made her to shadow your life with a twinge of disappointment.
  ‘Get lost!’ She yells, still laughing, still mimicking.
You watch her go until there is no longer the sight of her.
You dejectedly return to your one-room apartment, sit on your bed and begin to brood deeply. Lots of thoughts are floating in your head. For hours, you are distracted from thinking straight.
You sleep. When you rouse, your consciousness begins to get restored. You are pained so much about Kemi’s attitude to you a day before. You still feel the pain. It looks like your thoughts already have your heart thumping with anxiety, as if it has been entwined in fishing net and thrown into the murky waters of the River Num; each movement, each attempted breath, forces you down to a lifeless state at the bottom of the river. You sure have to come up with something to do to stay alive. You return to Kemi a week after next because she has the remote control to your brain, to your thoughts and to your life. You get there very early in the forenoon. You love her on a large scale. You silently tap her door. She opens it and yawns. She is surprised to see you.
‘What the heck do you want?’ she thunders, her eyes more surprised and aggressive this time round.
You kneel down. That would be the first time you’d kneel before a lady, entreating her to reciprocate your love to her. In rage, Kemi walks into her apartment after telling you, several times, to leave her patio. She comes back from the room with a bucket of water and pours it on you. You gape at her. She doesn’t honour you with a gaze. She steps into her cozy room and slams the door. You gaze at yourself for what seems like decades, embarassed and sad. Silently, you stand up. Then, you stroll down to your apartment. You keep the faith that your bone of bones will locate you one day. You forget issues that have to do with women because you have gone through a lot of pains in their hands.
You leave your room to go to church to worship God. The sister that sits beside you asks to borrow your pen to scribble lines of note. You obey. She sees you as a kind and meek person. Hence, each moment she meets you, she finds solace in stopping by to exchange pleasantries with you. You both get along as good chums.
  ‘I am Bisola by name,’ she tells you when you seek to know her name. You also tell her what your name is, Job. She exclaims and hilariously asks if you are as obedient as the Job we read about in the Bible. You smile and give a resounding yes . To you, you have met a jocular person who will serve as your source of laughter.
The more you get closer to each other, the deeper and stronger the bond between you gets along. It has even sat in the minds of many people; they envy the bond.
  ‘Would you marry me?’ you kneel to ask after years of great friendship.
She refuses. You know quite well that no girl will suddenly agree to be yours unless she is cheap. That makes you to continue pestering her. Weeks later, she agrees to be yours. You have become one.
Your erstwhile friend comes back from abroad. You both embrace each other. You ask to know if he has been well, he says very well. You crave for an assistance because you also want to leave Nigeria in order to relish the serenity of abroad. He retorts that he will help you with a part of the money that will be used to obtain a visa.
Your name is Job but you are jobless. You visit a wealthy sorcerer for what you call an assistance. Getting there, you say you will like to use Bisola for money ritual. At first, Chief Ifayemi, the occultic man, agrees to help you.  But after a second thought, he has a change of mind; he asks you to sell Bisola to him instead because he pities her. You sell her for the sum of three million naira. You do not consider her predicament; she is heavily pregnant by you. You are heartless, even the devil knows that to the brim. You obtain a visa and travel out of the country so soon as possible. You start to enjoy life over there until the day you are deported.
Thank you, Karma.
When you get back to Nigeria, a man of God explains the cause of your predicament to you. In a nutshell, he says you dump an unwatered plant somewhere. You pause, wondering if you have ever been a farmer apart from the back-yard’s in your life. You do not know understand what he means. He sees how curious you. Hence, he interprets it to you.  For you to ever be prosperous again in your life, you have to get back to your wife and the baby she carries in her womb. You visit Chief Ifayemi to claim back your abandoned wife. Chief says nothing. He mutters to you that Bisola has the final say whether she wants to follow you or not. When you ask her, she calls you an animal, saying she prefers Chief to a monster like you.
Aye re ti baje!

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