What do you hear? (So Series)


So I woke up this morning and remembered that I have exams to prepare for.
Quickly I checked the site concerned and saw that applications have kicked off. I scrolled to see how much it would cost me this time and I held my chest!
Anyways I don’t even know which is more frightening now, the exam fee or the fact that I’ve downloaded the books for over a month and have not even opened one to flip through….

….That’s the thought and not the action taking place….

I’m already off the bed and into the kitchen when I remember the bulb there has been burnt for some says now.
I only remember it early in the morning and late at night when I see the dark room.

Me: Walks back into the room, call out to my partner… Please help me ….(I paused, was trying to think of which bulb to detach and fix in the kitchen when I remember I have almost 7burnt bulbs across the house). You’re wondering how right? Me too!
No thanks to our dear power providers.

I go on to say…I don’t even know which one to detach but I need the kitchen lit up.

He: oh…oh…I don’t know how I forgot to get those bulbs oh…..please send me a message so I can buy and put in the car.

Me: standing there and watching him turn to continue his last few minutes of unfinished sleep. You know that last ten minutes sleep you so want to hang on to like you’ve not been sleeping since Midnight.

That was how he recurved himself and faced the other side to sleep

Me: (in my mind); in other news, I should go and sort out myself right?
That’s what he was saying but wasn’t voicing.

I quickly switched my brain to the “no light” mode and went on to carry out my duties. After all I have a toddler who must go to school with food and I’m already clearing my schedule to accommodate some exam reading time.

This is how we communicate with people on a daily basis.

What is said versus what you hear….

A lot of times we get angry because of what we hear. You forget that you choose what to hear. It is your mind that interprets to you what you want to hear.

Beneath every spoken word are numerous unspoken words.
Behind every action are series of inactions and unspoken intents.

The real perception is what you choose to believe
Whatever you have conditioned your mind to pick up is what it will work with.

Henceforth make a conscious effort to train your mind to pick up the positives in every situation

You can do it, If you train your mind.



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