Are you Underpaid?

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If You are a “SALARY EARNER” pls find time to go through this.

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Divide your salary by 30, i.e. the number of days in a month and see the funny thing about your salary plan.

E.g ?#30,000➗30= ?#1000
Less than ur daily utility bills put together

?#60,000➗30= ?#2000
Less than amount being gained by an average hawker in the city.

?#72,000➗30= ?#2400
Less than the amount earned daily by an average driver in the city and some villages.

?#120,000➗30= ?#4000
Less than the daily amount earn by a kekenapep, taxi, and a tipper car driver.

And when there is an issue in the family that requires financial assistance, the driver, hawkers and the rest are looking up to u.

If u are a national corp member u don’t need to be told.

?#19,800➗30 = ?#660
I hope u know the pure water seller probably makes more money than u each day.

We shouldn’t end at satisfactions from these earnings. We should be more proactive, create room for more multiple streams of income ? and strive to aim higher.


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