BURNED (Episode 3-6)

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Deep within me I became scared, this was because I in my naive mind believed that taking the friendship to another level meant we were going to start a relationship.
As I was only 16 at this time I believed that any relationship with a boy would lead to sex and thereafter would result in pregnancy.
This thought scared the living daylight out of me, I began to nurse heartbreak because I knew I didn’t want a relationship.
I then summoned courage to reply saying I wasn’t ready for a relationship just yet and that we should just keep been friends.
Your guess is right, he agreed and so we kept on but I still nursed my fear of relationship.
It was going to about a year and we still had not set eyes on each other.
This is because I always found a way to push aside the request for us to meet owing to the fact that I didn’t know my way around Lagos very well because I had been a boarding house student for six years of secondary school.
The situation in my house would not also let me go out. Where would I say I was going to?
My parents weren’t rigid but I somehow was just too scared to overstep my bounds. I always stayed at home when they left for work and would be there until my mum came back from work in the afternoon.
The idea of even sneaking out crosses my mind but I was scared something would make my folks come earlier and they wouldn’t find me at home. I would have been caught and I couldn’t afford to lose my father’s trust for me.

Episode 4
The Visit
It was not going to last for long anyway because curiosity would soon make me summon courage to visit this mystery friend of close to a year that I hadn’t set eyes on.
Then came the Sunday daddy took us all out for a family picnic and we had fun and took pictures. Photographer said we’d get the pictures the next day.
Then came the opportunity I had been waiting for. I would go out for a legit reason. Not like I’ve not been going out but it was just street errands.
That night I informed my mystery bobo in our chat that I’d be visiting the next day. He was super excited and so was I.
I barely slept through the night as I was eagerly waiting for morning so I could go visiting.
After what seemed like eternity of a night, the morning of the next day finally came.
I literally shooed my folks out of the house that morning, I’m sure they didn’t notice my excitement. If they did I can’t say anyway, I was just ready to go out to see “le boo”.
So that I would return in time before 2pm, I set out very early. After looking through my wardrobe *scratch that* after looking through my scattered room where my clothes lay, I eventually settled for a jean and a top.
Looked through the mirror to be sure my lip gloss and white powdered face was cute enough and then I set out.
It was not difficult to locate the house as I was given a detailed description.
Me: Knock knock
After double *rat-at-tat* I suddenly saw a tall cute pink-lipped young guy carelessly strolling towards the gate and for the love of me my heart skipped a bit!
Was he the one? Was it his brother?
No he had just two sisters so it had to be him. As he inched closer with every step, my heartbeat raced faster, I soon forgot the world around me and soon began to feel giddy-my head was lighter and legs felt too heavy to move.
Him: with a charming smile lazily playing across his lips he said ;  Hello dear…
(I snapped out of my daydream)
Me: *phew* hi good afternoon
He: Opens gate and ushers me in.
Me: walks slightly beside him afraid that even a body touch might cause me to lose control of my self.
He ushered me into the living room and says to me, welcome to my humble aboard.
There’s no light so I sit quietly on the chair like a small school child and as he steps out to get me a glass of water, I take the opportunity to scan living room.
Me: (In my mind) okay, nice house sure they’d be done building soon since I saw evidence of labourers at work.
He soon interrupted my thoughts as he arrived with the water. I barely took a sip from the glass and set it down.
I was still seated with my hands in between my legs when his mum came in.
Hmm…initial fear gripped my heart as I quickly knelt to greet her, she answered me and turned towards her son asking him something about pumping water (I’m amazed at how I still remember these details)
His response in my opinion was kind of rude, but I shrugged it off.

Episode 5
His mum simply walked away (or so I think)
We talk about a few things and he soon notices that my eyes keep going back and forth at my phone where I’m checking for the time.
I was super conscious of the time as I couldn’t afford to get caught if I got home late. I planned to go home early,  settle in so that no one would know I had been out.
As expected he asks why are you checking your phone?
I respond to say nothing but few minutes I look up and announce my departure. He is amazed as I only just got there. I give some not-so make sense excuse and I promise to be back at another time to spend quality time with him since I already knew his place now.
As the gentle man that he is, he doesn’t argue just gives me a heart melting “I’ll miss you look” and gets up to see me off. We stroll to the bus stop  together. All my heart so wants to feel his hands twined in mine but my head won’t just allow me. I’m super careful not to give in to emotions. Remember there’s still the fear of pregnancy ever so fresh in my head.
We get to the bus stop and like two love struck birds we chat on unaware of the time. I soon catch myself and suddenly flag a bike down, turn to him smile and hop on the bike. I know he’s looking at me cause even my heart could feel his eyes on me.
I’m now on the bike and all I can think of is that I get home in record time.
So I finally get to my street and I’m practically sprinting to my  house, heart racing in me.
I run up the stairs quickly and as I get to the door I’m glad I finally made it home in one piece.
I forgot to add that I passes through the garden to pick our pictures from the previous day.
So I look into my bag and bring out the key to open the door.
I push the key and turn, alas! It doesn’t turn!
I try it the other way, its still stiff so I’m convinced there’s a key on the inside.
Busted! I’ve been caught!
**phew*** I suddenly develop sweaty palms and feet!
Water’s running through my spinal cord and I can’t think.
I eventually summon courage to knock.
*rat-tat-tat*  *rat-tat-tat*
I hear a voice which I’m too familiar with.
“Who’s it?”
Me: (in my mind)  Oh my God!! I’m finished!
Dad: who’s it?
Me: it’s me Olive
Dad: oh OK, coming.
He opens the door and I ease my way in trying not to look too afraid for suspicion.
Dad: welcome
Me: thank you
I walk in behind him and I see his having a meal of garri and banana.
A million and one thoughts are going through my head.
What’s he doing at home at this time?
Where would I say I went to?
He’d think I’ve been sneaking out like this everyday.
Why did I have to get caught the first day I  tried to go out.
I snap back to reality when u hear his voice
Dad: Where are you coming from
Me: I went to collect the pictures
Dad: Really? Why did it take you so long?
Me: (trying not to stutter,) when I got there he said the pictures were not ready and asked me to wait (I lied)
Dad: looks at me and nods; okay

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