BURNED (Episode 2)

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The regular evening sessions continued and I must confess I was beginning to look forward to it. Days passed into months and because I had just left secondary school, my father insisted I took GCE.
He said this because I had left all my books in school because I was confident I would pass all my papers. My father congratulated me for being courageous and believing in myself that much but insisted I take GCE in case there was an error and my result was withheld.
So I was preparing for GCE amidst my evening melodrama. Somehow the preparation was smoother because I was merry in my heart. So you can guess who got to know about my results first. Yes! Kelvin!
We had become really close at this point despite none of us haven seen each other, we were what I call the modern pen-pals or should I say phone-pals.
Days rolled into weeks and weeks into months then one day my phone beeped it’s regular tune and I checked it……
Kelvin: hi babe ( the sight of babe often got me blushing and sends fantastic chills through my spine) we’ve been chatting for a while now and I’ve come to like you a lot, I would want us to take our friendship to another level.
Me: From no where I began to shiver and suddenly felt like using the toilet.
Sweat began to drop from my body, I couldn’t explain why this was happening to me.
I had developed a lot of affection towards this person I had not even seen but I couldn’t bring myself to accept his request.

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