BURNED (Episode 1)

BURNED…… a teenager’s story of first love…,

Episode 1
I came back and found missed call on my phone, I had been given the phone by my mum and was super excited but I didn’t have friends that much. So seeing a missed call always got me excited and somehow I just always had airtime (thanks to popsy)The number was exactly like my phone number only the last digit differed.
Me: super excited and wondering who it could be, summoned courage and called back. (Flashed actually)
Mystery number: Flashed me back
Me: excited it must be a young person like me on the other end, I sent a message.
“Hi, I saw this missed call on my phone. Kindly identify yourself.
Mystery Number: I’m Kelvn a 100 level Economics student of LASU.
Me: Okay, well I’m Olive I just graduated from FGGC Ipetumodu. Waiting to write Jamb.
Mystery Number: Cool then we can be friends and talk here.
Me: (Excited much) Okay no problem, nice meeting you.
I suddenly became swift at rounding up my house chores so that I could have the evening to myself and my phone. I had found a friend, someone I could share my daily events with. Curling on my bed in room soon became my favourite spot.
Every evening I looked forward to text messages from Kelvin. We talked about everything and anything. I soon got to know he was the first and only son of his parents, he had two sisters who would soon become my friends. We exchanged numbers and I quickly became an accepted member of the family.

2 thoughts on “BURNED (Episode 1)

  • October 10, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Nice one. I can sense something exciting building up

  • October 10, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Stay tuned…..


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