So Series

So it’s almost as if every time Lagos WORKS, lagosians WALK.
So they say lagos is working meanwhile lagosians are walking.

After chasing regular cabs plying Ikorodu away from Maryland, one has to TREK metres to catch a BRT bus.

That’s not even the issue o, let me gist you how I rolled down the stairs like Humpty Dumpty

I went to buy books (you know I now sell books)
Fast forward I’m on my way back from destination…
Me: since I’m here let me see if I can buy some few books before I continue with the next bus.
I enter the bookshop Scan around, pick a few books, pay and exchange pleasantries with sales boys.

I grab my heavy backpack and step to the exit, turn right and unto the staircase.
I take the first step the second and somehow like magic on stretching out my leg to take another step I hear “gboom” again *gboom* and then *gboom* *gboom* *gboom*
Shuoooo…..I couldn’t even bring myself to stop, right before my very eyes I was rolling on my bom down the stairs.

I quickly get up, not bothering to dust myself look back and grateful that no one was coming behind me.

Wether I felt pain I can’t even say, just grateful I was walking towards the bus to take me home.
While seated in the bus I remembered secondary school Yoruba class.

“Ti omode ba subu a wo waju, t’agbalagba ba subu a wo eyin”

The “owe” (proverb) suddenly had meaning.

My people I compensated myself with 200 naira biscuit o.

That was the beginning of a 5hour traffic journey home, I’ll gist you about the “baba driver”

Have a laughter filled weekend my people


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