SO Series

So I walk briskly as fast as my hurrying legs can carry me into this confectionery outlet.
If only I could, I would fly as I’ve had to pay transport fare and travel about 3km to get here.
All this stress leaving my baby asleep back at home,because I want to eat good bread.

I walk in, immediately select one loaf of choice, scramble through my purse (oh the adventure of going through a woman’s purse),pick out the note and hand it over to the sales girl.
Without looking at me she goes …..
Girl: No change o,I don’t have change
Me: You’ll look for change now…. Ask your colleagues or something(Beneath my breathe I go….these guys can be so terrible)
Do you know the distance I traveled and how much I paid to get here? Then I tell myself take a deep breathe
Girl: looks at me with disdain like,I’m not moving an inch, while pointing my money at me.

Me: It’s not me that will not eat bread today after the long journey. I’m now looking into my purse again to see if I’ll find a lower denomination to pay.
Realising I don’t have any, I look out to see an elderly man walking towards the door to us.
He’s wearing a shirt and shorts and casual slip on.
You know those learned old men who take Saturday strolls to pick a small item around their house…..
In my mind; Lord let this man have a lower denomination so I can get to buy.
Girl: (Seeing I’m not ready to leave, calls out to her colleague)
Rukayat!!! My 350???
Rukayat: Comes in and gives her 400

Elderly man: Gently strokes the nylon of my chosen loaf and asks, what kind of bread is this?
Me: (in my mind, Oga no dey rub my bread na, I no dey like am)
Girl: *normal bread*
Man: What do you mean by normal bread, is there anything like abnormal bread?
Girl : it’s normal bread, this one is sliced and this is the unsliced

Colleague: Sir we have coconut bread,sardine bread,chocolate bread…. Different flavours

Man: thank you!!! That is how to attend to a customer, you don’t put an illiterate to sell food for you
Turns to girl and says: you don’t talk anyhow to people!

Me: (Ooshey!!! Baddest!!! Thank you sir!!! You just served her hot and spicy what I was trying to save her from)
I turned to her and gave a satisfactory look of “serves you right” with a smirk around my lips

From no where she suddenly manufactured change and handed over to me

Oh how sweet!!!

I walked out of the place feeling sweetly satisfied.
The man made my day unknown to him.

You don’t put an illiterate to sell food for you

Ladies and gentle men of the timeline, it’s still sweeting my belle……

  1. Have a sweet Saturday!!!

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