Fairy-tale Romance

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Many people have grown up believing that falling in love would be in a similar fashion to the fairy tales we see on the big screen. The notion of this fantasy love, otherwise called fairy tale romance is a contemporary topic that makes one wonder; does it exist or do people merely need a little reality check?

Some people daydream about romantic moments with prospective lovers with whom they would embark on an erotic picnic in a beautiful park, or one who will sit side-by-side with them on a beach, under a balmy weather, beholding the beauty of the horizon. Some dream of having a perfect relationship, where they will find the perfect lover who does everything right, and always makes them happy. To this end, fairy tales provide the perfect escape to this “perfect” world that holds the perfect partner.

Fairy tales create the impression that love at first sight is the norm, and that relationships are based on (unbelievably) high chemistry and strong mutual attraction. Little surprise that the hugely popular Disney animation, ‘Frozen’, portrays a young woman who is swept off her feet by a handsome Prince just after a day of their meeting. How flimsy is that?

In a similar way, a Prince falls in love with Cinderella in just one night. And his clichéd romance would make him have the whole kingdom searched in order to find his “true love”. Can such be envisaged in reality?

The idea behind this fantasy love completely bypasses the process of relationship formation of mutual affection, understanding, trust and creating a lasting friendship with the person you may want to commit to.

In fairy tale romance, people skip this process and relationships are formed almost instantly. Nowadays, it is not uncommon the you see lovers tying the nuptial knot only after weeks of meeting. It is safe to say that they simply got attracted to each other almost immediately and got carried away by the heat of the moment. Such is an instance of fairy tale romance, which in the world we live today, rarely lasts.

Given the fact that these lovers did not take their time to understand each other better and root their friendship before walking down the aisle, they are most likely to end up with a broken relationship sooner than later.

Also, in the case of the Prince who wedded Cinderella in a matter of days after they met, one can presumptively conclude that he knows very little about her personality, temperament, or even small details such as her favourite colour. Nonetheless, the fairy tale world does not see this kind of romance as extraordinary or unreasonable, but has rather made it a phenomenon, one called; ‘love at first sight’.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has no place in reality as it is unrealistic for a man to fall in love with a woman he just met, in one night, as portrayed in fairy tales. Instead, such overnight affection can be called infatuation. Thus, a man may be infatuated with a woman or the other way round during a first meeting. However, with a proper nurturing of such rather temporal affection, they could fall in love.

Only in extremely rare cases do members of the opposite sex meet and are both attracted to each other almost instantly. Yet, this could merely be a mutual crush or infatuation as it would be absurd if they both jump into each other’s’ arms instantly, proclaiming their love, just as fairy tales metaphorically propose.

Many ladies often believe in fairy tale romance. They can’t really be blamed as these fantasy romances are so appealing. They live a world of fantasy where they are put on a pedestal, adorned with gifts and flowers by handsome prince Charming, whose words, charisma and countenance will sway them off their feet.

It is not uncommon that many adults base their relationships on the foundation of the fairy tale world, where they expect an unending run of sparks and affection, with fireworks going off every time they kiss. Very often, these somewhat unrealistic expectations leave lovers disappointed and unsatisfied when their partners do no match up with their fictional versions.

In reality, for love to live, there has to be some form of conflict, misunderstanding and argument; all of which partners must overcome, which will in turn, lay the foundation and be the stronghold of their relationship. On the contrary, fairy tale romance portrays a form of love utopia through the notion of ‘happily ever after’. This further questions the credibility of fairy tale romance in the realm of reality as no romantic relationship can go on without bad days.

Are romantic kisses in the dark, sparks, neck kisses, tummy knots, butterflies, warmth deep inside, gentle caress, and eyes ablaze real? Absolutely yes. But they do not happen in a fairy tale manner.



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